Lava Signature Series Cookware is made to perform and to last for generations.


LAVA Signature enameled cast-iron cookware is sand-cast, painstakingly finished by hand, and then coated with three layers of very special enamel. Each piece is fired twice in a state-of-the-art furnace to bond the enamel coatings with the cast iron.  No other procedure yields cookware that cooks so evenly and conducts and retains heat so well. Only the best cookware in the world is made this way.  Lava’s non-reactive enamel surface seals flavor into food and away from the cast iron unlike standard cast iron pans that are factory Pre-Seasoned or require seasoning before use.  


Whether starting with an appetizer of warm spinach and artichoke dip or creating a masterpiece braised beef brisket for feeding twelve, or Grilling Lamb on the stove top, Lava’s Signature Dutch Ovens, Grill pans and Roasting pans are versatile in preparation, storage, warming and service.  A serving of goodness from any size Lava Signature Series product should always be greeted with a smile. 


Three layers of porcelain enamel bonded with the finest cast iron cooking surfaces ensure even heat distribution and superior heat retention for predictable, repeatable high quality results time after time. This efficiency and cooking effectiveness allows you to use less oils and fats when cooking resulting in healthier eating.  


Bake, broil, braise, boil, simmer, sauté, chill or warm, Lava Signature Series cookware offers the very best in multi-tasking cooking.  Go from stove to oven then straight to the table making for elegant meal presentations.  Lava’s versatile product line comes in many shapes and sizes ready to handle almost any cooking chore at home or in the restaurant.  They even look great decorating a kitchen shelf with their classic good looks and impressive enamel finishes.


Lava’s Signature finish makes cleanup simple and easy.  Lava cookware is detergent safe, meaning that most types of soap will not harm your pot’s beautiful finish or wear out its tough protected cooking surfaces.  The protective porcelain enamel is chemically bonded with the cast iron.  No “acquired” metal flavors or chemicals will pass into your food from your cookware like can happen with Pre-seasoned or Standard cast iron cookware.  You never need to season or condition your Lava pot.  It is ready to wash, dry and start cooking right out of its box.


  • Cast iron and stainless steel knobs have an aesthetically appealing appearance. They are designed ergonomically for easy grip and handling, and suitable for use on all cook tops and in any oven (except for a microwave oven).
  • Cast iron is a 100% recyclable material.
  • Cast iron promotes energy saving as it preserves heat for a long period of time after the heat is reduced and typical cooking is performed at lower heat settings.
  • Lava cast-iron pots and pans are incredibly durable.  With proper use and care, one can utilize Lava pots and pans in a busy kitchen for generations.